Summer sparkles

In this video, I’m going to show you how to create a gorgeous spring/summer look that is full of sparkle. I'll also discuss different iridescent glitters and why this one is one of my faves.
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  1. Hey, sorry this is not a nail art question but was wondering if you could recommend an Efile and a course, I have used manual files for 15 years but want to up my game and use an Efile, I’ve always been a little scared to use them but purchases a cheep one to practice on myself and now I’m ready to learn more and invest in a good one. I was looking at the brill bird Efile and course do you recommend? 

    Thanks Xx

    1. Hey lovely, please don’t apologise, this is what I’m here for. I haven’t don’t these courses myself but I’m looking into doing the Lucy pastorelli tools one I’ve heard fab things, also heard wonderful things about Willow xxx