Neon and Pastel tiles

A summer must! Incorporating ombre, detailed artwork, brights and pastels… This is a really fun one!

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  1. Well what a challenge but I got there … thank goodness for the matte top coat to save the pigment!! Number of times i wiped off the swirl lines on the sides was nobodies business!!! I found those the hardest to get right so last night I stopped what I had done and new eyes today .. well I think! Completed with swirls and today was a better day. Did the challenge nail and a couple of others but you will see I have omitted the swirls! Need to practice these a bit more …. Thank you Chan for such incredible tutorials and whilst it pushed my boundaries I loved it to be honest …. xxxxxxx

    1. Aw I am so so pleased you enjoyed this Carole! You absolutely smashed these, how BEAUTIFUL!!! I know what you mean.. that cured layer over the ombre is a game changer… I use mine a lot too lol xxxx