Moroccan tiles

This look is fun and bright, perfect for a mix-match manicure as a couple of features nails mixed in with some french tips too!

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    1. Aw I hope you had fun doing this one, I want to try it with some pastel colours too… yes I know what you mean the linework is tricky but I’m so pleased you persevered xxx

      1. I think what i have decided to do with things I am struggling with is to have a pop stick all ready and practice the flow of the line/shape first … then go!! I posted on insta today one of your first one’s i did … do you remember i did a lemon/green daisy which was my 2nd attempt … well last night i recreated that on a matt cloudy white … the flow of the brush was soooo different .. cant thank you enough as I am growing in confidence and creativity!! xxxxx

        1. THIS MESSAGE MEANS THE WORLD! Thank you Carole, this is my goal with this whole network. If I am helping people then I am happy. I am so pleased you’re enjoying it and I really can see that all your hard work is paying off you are amazing xxxxxx