Minimal vibes for the win

Minimal, chic, timeless, perfect in any colour! In this video, I go through how we can create simple looks like this quickly and easily in salon.
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  1. I did it but for me this was difficult … have done a few lines (Arc type) with my paint but used gel polish for these as only have black, white, gold and rose gold in the paint … not sure if that was why so i am going to try a few different things with the black paint and poss either chrome the line or foil it … will show you what i did and what i am going to do once i have done it. But all that said another great tutorial Chan … I am enjoying them xxxxx

    1. This is definitely a trickier design, it looks simple but getting the placement correct and a curved line neat is tricky, you are not alone. Defo mattify your base so you have more control on your brush and defo try again with a paint, gel polish is defo harder for a look like this. gold would look fab! thank you for watching, I can’t wait to see what you’ve done xxxx