3D Jelly Hearts Workshop

Come and watch me create 2 simple salon-friendly nail art tutorials, a live recording that is perfect for valentines d…

Outlined Hearts

It’s Valentine's inspo time!! I LOVE VALENTINES NAILS! I am going to show you how to create these outlined hearts, h…

Diamond Tips

A beautiful valentines look that is intricate but so worth the time it’ll take to create.

Diamonds and hearts

Diamonds and checkerboards are so in this year! Super fashion-forward and on-trend, so I want to make sure I give you …

Valentines Workshop

A wearable valentines design, that will suit most people and be on trend for years to come.

Cute Chrome Hearts

A cute Valentines' tutorial, simple, sweet, and something most people will love!

Negative space heart

Let's talk about fine details and negative space. In this video, I’ll show…