Floral Watercolours

In this tutorial, I will show you how to incorporate different colours into an elegant floral design. A lot is going on in this look but it is still, …

Easy Watercolour art

If you are new to watercolour nail art, this is a fab one for you to start with, try it... I promise it is easier than you think!

‘Paste like’ art gel

Why is there a place for thicker and thinner consistency art gel? I will explain this and share my tips on working with more …

Easy Marbles

This technique is so easy and simple, but most importantly FUN!! A fab technique for all year round, you can do a small section of the nail or a full …

Iridescent French

Again I am giving you fab ways to use those iridescent shades you have on your shelves, go for blues, lilacs, pinks, ivory tones and really and truly …

Spring Croc

In this tutorial, I show you a super quick nail art look using blooming gel.

Crystal clear

In this video, I am going to show you a cool, quick technique for in a salon that will look fabulous all year round!