Love Aura

Aura nails are still such a vibe, this is a fab way to incorporate this trend in some Valentine's nails.

Super shiny hack

A super pretty, princess-vibe manicure, top tip, use a lilac undertone for the base for a super on-trend design!

Mixing reflective glitters

In this video, I am going to talk to you about mixing reflective glitters, please check out the ‘let's talk reflecti…

Glitter Haul

In this live workshop, I go through my top glitters and glitter gel polishes. I know the sparkle season is coming up a…

Sporty Spice Manicure

In this tutorial, I share a design that I think would suit Sporty Spice (from the Spice Girls) down to a T :)

Classy Christmas

GLITTTTTTER! Don’t be scared to use loose glitter on isolated areas of the nail. In this video, I am going to share …

Fireworks vibes

Inspired by the UNREAL learnah starbuck, this firework look is sure to be a hit with your clients. Super versatile too…