Soft Lemon aura

Today let’s talk about lemon yellow nails and how to create a beautiful soft, spring aura nail art look.

Soft Spring Ombre

This is perfect for spring, grab your pastel shades and get going! This is also a beautiful way to add wearable texture to a spring look.

Gold marbles

Let's talk new year vibes… These would look fab for in between Christmas and New Year but also for the New Year… a bit of shimmer but now too much…

Cable knit top tips

Want to create some texture with your winter nails? Cable Knit is for you! Here are my top tips to make it easier and …

Top tips for swirls

Swirls will always be in!! In this video, I will show you how to create flawless swirls each and every time no matter …

Watercolour Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz designs are always going to be popular and this technique is super easy and fab because it uses less layer…

90’s Webbing

I am taking it back to the 90s with this one. A 90’s webbing design on top of a 2023 aura! It’s fun, it's simple a…

Neon and Pastel tiles

A summer must! Incorporating ombre, detailed artwork, brights and pastels… This is a really fun one!

Tile Tips

Morrocan tiles will be on trend each and every summer, let's create some cute tile tips together.