KeyHole French

I am obsessed with this design and how versatile it is, have fun, get creative and be bold!

Petal Gel

I want to show you this petal gel! I have used dried flowers in the past but this is a new thing to me… SO much easier than cutting up the pieces in…

NAILMAIL collab 2024

I am so excited to share our latest NAILMAIL box look with you, I hope you love it. All products are from Nail Order so if you want to purchase anythi…

Floral Vines

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make the most beautiful marbled petals.

Breathe! We all make mistakes!

In this video, I will show you how this design really looked behind the scenes and share with you valuable tips and tricks to get you out of a funk an…

Shimmering Butterflies

This look is FUN!! I have seen this look for a while so I needed to get a tutorial in here for you VIP’s.

Rainbow Swirls and Chrome

I have felt in a bit of a creative funk lately, so my top tip if you ever feel like this is to step away… Turn off for a bit, tune out, and find ins…

Abstract Spring swirls

Spring is a time to create fun, playful nail art, let's use 3 pastel shades, and add some gold glamour!

Soft Lemon aura

Today let’s talk about lemon yellow nails and how to create a beautiful soft, spring aura nail art look.