Shimmering Butterflies

This look is FUN!! I have seen this look for a while so I needed to get a tutorial in here for you VIP’s.

Tie Dye Frenchies

This look was requested by one of our members, so here we go lovely. I hope you enjoy it! This look is so fun to create, don’t overthink it, just…

3D Flowers

In this tutorial, we are going to create a striking floral design that is so versatile and easy to achieve.

Rainbow Swirls and Chrome

I have felt in a bit of a creative funk lately, so my top tip if you ever feel like this is to step away… Turn off for a bit, tune out, and find ins…

Abstract Spring swirls

Spring is a time to create fun, playful nail art, let's use 3 pastel shades, and add some gold glamour!

Tips for striping tape

Let's talk about striping tape, I LOVE THIS STUFF, so easy to work with and super versatile. In this tutorial, I will …

Soft Lemon aura

Today let’s talk about lemon yellow nails and how to create a beautiful soft, spring aura nail art look.

Get your pastel shades out!

This video is for inspiration! I talk about all the upcoming trends and how you can go about creating them in your nail salon, or on your clients.