The Lecente Super Holo Collection

//The Lecente Super Holo Collection

The Lecente Super Holo Collection

We were lucky enough to get the chance to work with Lecente for the release of their new glitter collection! So THANK YOU LECENTE!

I really wanted to create some looks that not only showcased the products but also gave you guys some nail art inspo!

I am OBSESSED with sparkles so couldn’t wait to get involved in this collaboration.

As a full time nail tech in my own salon its hard sometimes to stay inspired with new looks and nail art ideas and this really gave me the boost I needed. I think sometimes when you are restricted to a time limit in a salon scenario its really hard to let your creativity not be capped. And as much as I love to see what my clients have found on Instagram etc its sometimes stressful trying to give them an Instagram/Pinterest look in the allocated time slot! With these looks I could totally forget about trying to create something ‘for the salon’ and just let my ideas flow!…

The first look I created was with the ‘Majestic’ Which is a beautiful deep purple holographic glitter! It has some red hues in it too and is just out of this world in direct sunlight! I used it over Shellacs Tango Passion and just loved how they came out. I can’t lie I’m not the biggest fan of traditional french manicure designs but I couldn’t be more up for an alternative french look. I’m looking to do a tutorial on these very soon as people are asking how I kept the loose glitter in just those 2 areas so stay tuned…

The second look I created was a more simple design just focusing on these beautiful sparkles. This one is called ‘Champagne’! Its a really soft gold holographic glitter and I just love it! It will be perfect for weddings, and really compliments neautral shades, and all skin tones. This is over ‘naked naivete’ by Shellac…. what do you guys think? I like to apply my glitter using brush and these glitters apply super well!

For my 3rd look I used Shellac’s ‘Winter Glow’ and created the ombre using Bio Seaweed Gels ‘Electric’ I’m new to the world of ombre nails and just thought I’d give this look a go… The glitter is ‘Fantasy’

I found that Bio Seaweed Gel is the perfect consistency to create an ombre look with as some other products I’ve tried can be too thick or too runny. It’s been hard since creating this look to get it to work with all colors and brands in my salon so just a heads up you may want to try out a few color combos first as some work better than others! Much better to know what works and what doesn’t rather than trying to master a new combination in an hour time slot lol!

For my fourth and final look I used the ‘Rose’ glitter which has a rose gold hue to it and it once again incredibly sparkly! This nail art design is one of my favourites! I love creating this look in my salon on clientele but this time I just added the glitter where I would usually use negative space! I adore how they came out…..

The glitters are available to purchase on September 18th and you are going to LOVE them! Keep your eyes out for our tutorials for all 4 of these looks and I hope you are having a fab week xx

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