Set up your salon and save money!

//Set up your salon and save money!

Set up your salon and save money!

I’m going to do a series of blog posts regarding salon set up….

In this first one I am going to share with you a few ideas that I had that saved me money and still gave my nail studio the look I wanted, so hopefully they can help you too…

When I first started my nail studio I had a very limited chunk of cash to set up with! I was stressing and worrying about how on earth I was going to create a classy, and chic look in my nail studio without having to beg, borrow or steal… (only joking lovelies i’m far from a thief lol)

To be honest I had never even thought of running my own business properly, I had been employed in a salon for 7 years that I absolutely LOVED! I only left because I was asked to join the Butter London team and do London Fashion week and the salon I was in at the time couldn’t give me the time off I’d asked for to go to London, so I decided to leave as it was an opportunity I just didn’t want to pass me by.

However after I was like ‘hmmmmm…… now what?!’ Fashion week was incredible but it only lasts a week (obviously! lol) and even though I was super excited for next season I needed to find something to do to make an income in the meantime.

With Jouvan’s support I decided to take the plunge and try working for myself! But this did mean I just had to try and make it work with whatever money I had already. (and to be honest this really wasn’t a lot)

I started googling manicure stations and instantly started freaking out! I was seeing some beautiful stations but the ones I liked were £250 upwards and the ones I loved  where just ridiculously priced! This was money I didn’t have by the time I’d factored in the rent on the room, paying for stock, paying for paint, brushes and wallpaper, extra training (as some of the companies I was already trained in, wanted me to take courses again before I took out accounts with them as the salon I worked for had payed for my previous courses!) new uniform, equipment trolleys, marketing… the list seemed endless…

July 2017 Chan would say to December 2013 Chan ‘CHILL OUT and think outside the box’

The manicure station of my dreams…

I needed a manicure station and as nails was going to be my main treatment I wanted this piece of furniture to be a stand out piece.

Jouvan said to me one day… ‘babe, now tell me if i’m just not getting it, but isn’t it just a desk? I don’t get why they need to be so expensive?’

You know what he was right… why was I searching for ‘manicure desks online’ I had no intentions in having one with lots of storage as I’d already brought some trolleys from amazon that I was obsessed with, and due to me having quite a well ventilated room and not doing acrylics anymore or infills I didn’t need one with a built in vent!

AHA!! yes lets go look for desks! After a late night run to IKEA with Jouvan and his best friend Sam we came home with the manicure desk of my dreams!!!!

It was fashion forward and modern, had display room, was huge, but just the right size to reach my clients and only £80 which was a huge price decrease compared to the ones I’d seen online. Now I’m not saying this idea will suit everyone but if like me you need to start up with not a huge lump sum, think about this option… look for a good desk, with display room and storage room and you never know you may end up finding something you totally fall in love with. Even now nearly 5 years on I wouldn’t change my manicure station for the world! I LOVE IT! here she is….

D.I.Y display portfolio

I also decided early on that I wanted a digital photo frame! I did get one eventually but to be totally honest with you I like my D.I.Y one soo much better..

Buy a scrap book (but a pretty looking one with a nice cover or something, or you could decorate your own one!)

Print and buy your photos of your work from your phone!

Stick them in!!

I LOVE MINE! and I think a holdable item is so much more fun for your clients to go through. Think about some of your older clients that maybe don’t have instagram or facebook. They are missing out on a whole world of your skills! It means they can keep up to date with all your latest looks in a really cost effective way for you to produce.

Here’s how I’ve done my one…


I refurbed my nail studio after about 3 years, I just fancied a change. I’ll do a post soon about the full refurbish, but one of my top tips is if you want to change your room but not spend too much, go and buy some spray paint and get creative! I know your creative already otherwise you would be doing this as a job! I am obsessed with rose gold so that was the theme I decided to go with… I sprayed as much as I could and just muted the colour of the room to white. Here is my before and after pictures..


I sprayed my trolleys and storage basket, and a few more accessories!



I had so much fun getting arty and I know I saved a small fortune as when I was looking at buying rose gold furniture I either couldn’t find what I wanted or was shocked by the price. Our job is supposed to be fun! So don’t let the logistics or money aspect stress you out. Think outside the box a little, I think you’ll be amazed at what you can create…

love always Chan xoxo

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  1. ana macforys October 31, 2018 at 8:50 pm - Reply

    Your history inspire me so so much, I wish one day my dream of have my own studio come true.

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