Are my prices too high?

So I did a live video on our instagram a few weeks ago to address this issue that I think all us self employed nail technicians have asked ourselves before... It's such a tough one, as sometimes it seems that everyone wants to give you their opinion of how you should run things or what you [...]

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Vio from @popcoat

When I first came across this ladies work I was just so blown away! She manages to perfectly re-create characters in her manicures in such a creative way! I have always loved hand painted nail art as it really does give nail artists a chance to showcase their skills, and in my opinion she is [...]

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Love bling? check out Glamour Chic Beauty!

If bling is your thing then this is definitely an account for you to check out! Bree is the talented lady behind the instagram page @glamour_chic_beauty. Her page is super pretty and so is her work! Please read on to find out more about the lady behind these super sparkly looks. How long have you [...]

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All about @NinaNailedIt

This next nail artist is incredible, I just adore how artistic she is! She designs incredible looks using hand painted techniques and various nail art tools and products! She also designs super cute nail wraps for @goscratchit Not only is she crazy talented but she's also super lovely and we were over the moon when [...]

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The super talented Lex from @lexdonails

The incredible Lex from @Lexdonails literally blows me away with how many different techniques she has mastered and uses. I honestly think her Halloween nails are the most impressive I've ever seen! They are so textured and realistic! Then her hand painted/fine detailed work is just as out standing! I always admire artist that can perfectly [...]

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The lovely Victoria Olivia

So today we have an interview that is slightly different! We want to celebrate nail queens in all forms.... acrylic specialists, salon owners, start out techs, gel nail specialists, people who are addicted to nail art and people who are addicted to nails in general! Meet Victoria Olivia. @victoriaolivaxo on instagram. Not only is she [...]

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The amazing @chellys_nails

The very first set I saw from this artist was rose gold, marble and glitter!!! Honestly I just couldn't get over this set of nails that I saw on instagram and just had to contact the incredibly talented lady behind them.... Once I looked at her page I fell in love with her talent even [...]

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Nail Queen KandiYamz

I stumbled across @KandiYamz Instagram a few years ago about the same time I opened my nail studio, and I just loved what she was doing and her work ethic! Her designs are always bright, fun and vibrant and I adored the look of her nail studio at the time! She even inspired me to get [...]

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The Legendary YvyNails

This ladies work is incredible!! Her work is striking and she has a unique style, plus she is so so lovely! If you don't already follow her then you really must! She is all for our positive nail movement, runs her own one on one classes as well as doing her clientele! So here is [...]

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The Wonderful @Sabrina_ils

We came across this super talented lady a while ago and just love her work!! Her designs are classy, feminine and her shaping is flawless! She specializes in sculpted nails and she also offers classes as well as creating stunning work on her clientele! If you haven't yet checked out her page go for it [...]

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