Need natural nail care tips?… Natasha Dauncey is your girl!

//Need natural nail care tips?… Natasha Dauncey is your girl!

Need natural nail care tips?… Natasha Dauncey is your girl!

Since we started Clawgamic I can honestly say I’ve been overwhelmed by how many lovely ladies I’ve met online! Its been really affirming as this was our exact goal for Clawgasmic, ‘to unite, encourage and inspire us all in the nail industry and create a positive nail movement!’ Natasha from @apothakaskincare is definitely one of them lovely ladies, apart from her kind, bubbly personality she also creates some incredible nail art looks over on @natasha_dauncey  and has her own plant based nail and skin care products too! Here is a little bit more about this Natasha and what she does!

I’ve made fresh batches of both my face oils, now available on the website ???? If you’re looking for a lightweight, non-greasy and easily absorbed face oil look no further! I developed this blend several years ago when all I could find were face oils rich in oleic oils which felt too heavy for my skin and would cause breakouts. . Formulated with a wonderful blend of non-pore clogging oils including high linoleic organic hempseed, safflower oils and olive squalane to moisturise, soften & calm the skin without a heavy feel; healing evening primrose and sea buckthorn, and co-enzyme Q10 for its protective properties. High linoleic oils* like hemp seed and safflower are great choices if you have combination or oily skin and/or you are prone to breakouts (or if you just don’t like heavy oils!). They are much lighter in texture than other high linoleic/high oleic oils so they don’t feel heavy on the skin, yet they’re very nourishing. If you want to know more about different oils and their properties, @goalstogetglowing @roadtoglow have recently put together an awesome infographic on oils! . . Available in 2 formulations: normal to combination and normal to dry skin (higher in oleic acid) and in two sizes (travel and standard) Fully compliant with EU cosmetic regulations ???? . *not all high linoleic oils are suitable for breakout prone skin. Oils such as wheatgerm, sesame and soya oil are pretty high in linoleic acid but are heavy oils which are more likely to clog pores as they’re not as easily absorbed . . . . . #beautycommunity #beautyaddict #skincare #skincareobsessed #glowyskin #healthyskin  #glowingskin #clearskin #naturalskincare #naturalbeauty #handmade #crueltyfree #luxurybeauty #ukbeauty #apothaka #bblogger #bbloggersuk #coenzyme10 #skincarecommunity #beauty #beautyblog #ukbloggers #faceoil #facialoil #glowgetters #highlinoleic #vogue #asseeninvogue

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How long have you been into all things nails and where are you located?

I’ve always liked having my nails painted from probably my teens (I was a childhood nail biter believe it or not!) but I think I became properly hooked after the first time I had nail art done for me, which must have been about 20 years ago!!
I’m currently based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Where or how did you learn to paint nails and do nail art?
I don’t recall exactly how old I was when I first started painting my own nails, but it was a long, long time ago! I started doing my own nail art only about 3 years ago, not long before I started my Insta account. I bought some stamping plates, stamping polish and brushes from Amazon and that was the beginning of my nail art addiction!

Agh! The joys of London commuting!???? ???? Anyway while I impatiently wait to get home, here’s a quick old mani using this gorgeous pearl silver white from Floss Gloss. Think I’ll try it over a white base next time to make it really pop ???? . I used: @flossgloss 1080 pearl from @scratchandpout @clearjellystamper black stamping polish @linanailartsupplies stamping plate @apothakaskincare SOS recovery nail and cuticle oil @indigo_lune midi rings . . . . . #nailart #naildesign #manicure #nailartaddict #uknails #nails2inspire #nailpromote #nailitdaily #nails #notd #nailsoftheday #nailedit #instanails #nailstamping #nailartclub #naturalnails #mani #apothaka #flossgloss #whitenails #coffinnails #white #animalprintnails #animalprint #metallicnails #pearl #nailswag #nailinspo #nailsofinsta

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Do you do nails as a hobby or a full time job, and would you ever consider getting into nails as a career if you are not already?
I do nails as a hobby for myself though I sometimes do nails for friends. I have a qualification in soak off gel nails as I had thought about doing it as a business but I think I’d struggle to fit it in time-wise with everything else going on in my life! Good nail art takes a lot of time though so I have a lot of admiration for nail techs that do this as a full time job!

Are your nails real, acrylic or gel?
My nails are real!

Keeping it simple with a little glitter placement and one of my latest purchases, Pulp by @flossgloss a lush pastel peach creme ???????? I say simple but it took ages to do this, mainly because I think I’m getting long sighted in my old age???? and I was distracted watching Scandal at the same time (true multitasker!!). Love the result though ???? . Deets: @flossgloss Pulp from the lovely Marteen @scratchandpout Glitter pieces from Avon @apothakaskincare SOS recovery nail and cuticle oil . . . . . . #nailart #naildesigns #mani #nailartaddict #nailstagram #uknails #nails2inspire #nailpromote #nailitdaily #nails #nailpolish #notd #nailsoftheday #manicure #instanails #nailsdone #nailsonfleek #nailsofinstagram #naturalnails #nailswag #apothaka #flossgloss #springnails #pastelnails #glitterplacement #glitternails #peachnails #nag_repost #longnails #minimalistnails

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What advice would you give to someone to help with the health of their natural nails?
I have actually written a blog post about this very topic as it’s something that’s very important to me. Some would say I’m pretty militant about nail care but I’ve had to be! I wasn’t one of those lucky people that was born with naturally strong nails. I have been using soak off gel polish for several years now but my nails would still often break, even with the protection of gel – so nubs used to be the norm for me.

All that changed when I started using my Apothaka SOS Recovery Nail & Cuticle oil religiously every day and started filing my nails with a glass file. I can’t tell you the difference it’s made to the condition of my nails which are now a lot longer and healthier than they used to be. I actually have a before and after photo of my nails to show the difference that using my nail oil has made – when I put the two photos side by side, even I was amazed at the visible difference after several months of consistent use. I never saw this from using other nail oils so I do believe there’s something unique about my oil blend which is 100% natural. In addition to regular use of nail / cuticle oil and hand cream, my other top tips are to ALWAYS use gloves when washing up or doing household cleaning (water and nails are not friends!), and to never use your nails as tools! As someone who always has soak off gel on their nails, I would also say, choose your brand carefully. I have personally found that a couple of cheaper gel brands I tried out were really difficult to remove and as a result they damaged my nails in the removal process. Thankfully that damage has grown out and my nails are great with my favourite soak off gel brands!

For my blog post on natural nail care Click Here

To get your hands on your very own bottle of my handmade cuticle oil Click Here

Revealing my bare nails (you won’t see them naked often!!!) after some TLC from my SOS recovery nail and cuticle oil ????. They’ve been recovering from some cheap soak off gel that I used several months ago. My nails haven’t always been this long. They used to break and then when they did grow (after I started experimenting with different nail oils), the whites of my nails always looked translucent. They’re in so much better condition and the only changes I’ve made are using my oil blend religiously and using a good quality glass nail file! More nail care tips on my blog (will link it in the bio now) ???? . . . . . . . #beautycommunity #beautyaddict #naturalskincare #greenbeauty #naturalbeauty #crueltyfree #veganfriendly #luxurybeauty #ukbeauty #apothaka #apothakaskincare #bblogger #bbloggersuk #aromatherapy #beauty #beautyblog #nails #ukbloggers #nailoil #cuticleoil #jojoba #nakednails #barenails #nailfie #nailcareroutine #nailcare #manicure #handmade #smallbusiness #girlboss

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Do you have any nail technicians or nail artists who create work you admire?
Having been part of the nail art community for the last few years I have come across SO many talented people – too many to name here individually! Not only that, but I have really appreciated the support and encouragement I’ve had from so many people within the community.

I have also made some really good friends which I never expected would happen when I first started out on my nail art journey! If I think about the nail artists who’s work I most want to recreate I would say it’s @ninanailedit and @helennails_yeg who would be my favourites. Their designs always wow me but at the same time, they always look really wearable. I also love @manicure.d and @baby_mama_nails, who are not only really talented but also really lovely ladies!

Do you have a favourite set of nails you’ve done?
I always find it difficult to pick one thing, but one of the sets I did recently which I loved was a muted tropical print with gradient and layered stamping. It was inspired by a print on some packaging (I find packaging and fabrics great sources for nail inspo!).
This is the design

A tropical mani I did a couple of weeks ago, I was so happy with how this turned out I wore it for several days! ???? . Deets: @madam_glam cashmere grey soak off gel @flossgloss night palm and @moyou_london hello absinthe and tropical plate for gradient stamped leaves @clearjellystamper layered stamping plate CJS 05, stamping polish 030 (dark purple), Konad white stamping polish, @moyou_london violet haze and for flowers @apothakaskincare SOS recovery nail and cuticle oil @indigo_lune midi rings . . . . . . . . #nailart #naildesign #manicure #nailartaddict #uknails #nails2inspire #nailpromote #nailitdaily #nails #notd #nailsoftheday #nailedit #instanails #nailsdone  #nailstamping #layeredstamping #naturalnails #midirings #apothaka #indigolune #lace #coffinnails #greynails #tropicalnails #grey #madamglam #gelpolish #nailswag #tropical #clearjellystamper

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What nail varnish brands would you recommend and which are your favourite?
As a small business owner myself I really like to support smaller / indie brands and particularly UK ones wherever I can. My favourite UK brands are Candy Coat for soak off gel, for regular polish I would say Ard As Nails and A England. My favourite US brands are Madam Glam for soak off gel and for regular polish, I absolutely love Floss Gloss. Floss Gloss have an amazing colour collection and from a marketing perspective, I feel like they’ve totally nailed their branding (excuse the pun!!)

If you had to wear one colour for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
Just one colour??! That is impossible!! I really love bright, rich colours – tomato red, cobalt blue and vibrant purples. But I also love a good nude or white which you can wear with everything, no matter what the season! Plus they provide a great canvas for nail art!

Some nails from me for Friday, have a great weekend all! ???? . @Regrann from @natasha_dauncey – This polish is ???? 303 from @candy.coat is described as a light grey, it’s more of an off white with the tiniest hint of grey. I love it so much I haven’t bothered with any nail art the last few days! The midi rings are all from @indigo_lune, nail and cuticle oil is of course my SOS recovery nail and cuticle oil ????. I religiously apply this twice daily and do an intensive oiling in between my gel manis. . . . . . #nailart #naildesigns #mani #nailartaddict #nailstagram #uknails #nails2inspire #nailpromote #nailitdaily #nails #nailpolish #notd #nailsoftheday #manicure #instanails #nailsdone  #nailsonfleek #nailsofinstagram #naturalnails #nailoil #apothaka #greynails #springnails #whitenails #swatch #cuticleoil #lovecandycoat #gelpolish #midirings #indigolune

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What is your top application tip, and favourite base and topcoat?
When it comes to soak off gel, it’s all about applying thin layers. The beauty of gel is that you can take your time to even out each coat as it doesn’t dry until you cure it – so it’s actually great practise for learning to paint your nails! I use Madam Glam soak off gel base and their no wipe top coat. I find they’re both kind to my nails and are easy to remove without damaging my nails. For regular polish I don’t often wear topcoat, mainly because I find the smell gives me a really bad headache (which is probably another reason I wouldn’t make it as a nail tech!)

What are your goals for the future?
My goal would be to continue to grow my natural skincare business, Apothaka, and get it to a point that I could run it full time as my main job. I intend to keep expanding my range and have two more product launches planned this year: a rich, nourishing hand cream and an oil cleanser.


HUGE thank you to you Natasha for taking part in our positive nail movement! It has been an absolute pleasure meeting you! (well over the web anyway lol!)

I have had the pleasure of trying out some of the Apothaka range and can honestly say that not only did I love the nail and cuticle oil, but I’m addicted to her rejuvenating face oil! I’ve been using it for the last month or so at night time and have had so many people comment on my skin lately, so it must be this little magic oil from @Apothakaskincare ! She is super knowledgeable and on hand for any questions you may have about her products, skin and nail care so please be sure to check out her pages, give her a follow and visit her site. 




I wish you nothing but the best for the future Natasha 🙂 Thank you again xoxo

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