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//Nail champion Eve_Tran

Nail champion Eve_Tran

This ladies work is unbelievably stunning. I would describe her designs as detailed, elegant, classy and precise! I first came across her work when I stumbled across this look above! I was just really impressed with the detailing on these and how she manages to create such an intricate and detailed look while still keeping in elegant, feminine and not ‘too much!’ She creates super long nail looks for competitions that are so beautiful and you really have to admire the talent it takes to create these looks. She has won multiple competitions for her work and nail art and we can totally see why! She came 3rd  place in the world championships, is a champion in Germany and is also an international trainer! So here is more about the lovely Eve Tran. Make sure you go and follow her guys she is amazing!

How long have you been in the nail industry and where are you located?

I’ve been doing nail since 2004 and my place now is in Eningen Germany.

What or who made you want to get into the nail industry?

 I joined into the nail industry because of myself , I love to do something artistic. This is my only one reason because I’m not so good with school.

How did you learn to do nails?

I learnt nails in a Vietnamese nail salon, but only the simple things. I was there for 2 years at the beginning of my nail journey and I thought  ‘it’s only a job’  I was yet to see anything special regarding nail skill or technique and then I went to a beauty show for nails, I saw a new world of nail industry, and after that I said NAILS IS MY LIFE.

What nail treatments do you offer?

I offer all kinds of nail treatments, I offer a range of salon treatments and techniques, designs and looks from my competition work , nail art . I also run a school to help other nail techs learn and carry out treatments in my salon, where I not only do nails but sell some of my great products.

What are your favourite nail treatments and techniques to do?

I love all treatments and techniques, competition style French acrylic is one of my favourites but I like nail art in general, either for salon or more intricate designs for competitions. I love doing sculpted acrylics!

What advice would you give to any start up nail technicians?

Focus on your shaping, an ugly shape will never make a good impression, keep your shaping as clean and crisp as you can and try your best to get each nail the same! It is always good to focus on shaping and your foundation. Practice and learn from good instructor, because they have a lot experience and they know what you need to do to be better.

Who is your biggest nail inspiration and why?

To be totally honest I have lots of nail techs that I idolize or look up too, every single one has special ideas and skills , I’m inspired by everyone just a little bit .

What is your favourite set of nails you’ve created and why?

I did this nail set about 6 years ago, each time I see this picture again I always think ‘this my favorite,’ for me this look and art form will never get old .

What is your favourite thing about being a nail technician?

My favorite thing about being a nail tech is that I can use my creativity, fantasy ideas and never stop learning.

Do you have any products or brands that you like using and would recommend?

I use different products from a range of brands, whatever I find good I use that, but now I have my own product range, I can choose the quality myself, I’ve created a range that is easy to use for my students, one that is each to control and lovely to use.

What is your favourite nail shape?

I love all nail shapes, every shape is beautiful when you have good application and file it correctly, all nails in a set must look consistent, dramatic and the same then it is nice.

If you had to wear one colour for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

I’m and art kind of girl! People don’t ask me for only one color, I love a combination of all colors together so I would have to say a combination.

What are your goals for the future?

My goal is being better in my nail skills, to share with people what I know and I hope people still love my work more in the future. Also to try to create good products for nail lovers everywhere.

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in your nail journey?

My biggest prize in my nail career is becoming the German champion and 3rd Place world champion in acrylic sculpture French.

What is your top tip?
My tip is always practice, practice and practice, you are talented but keep working on it always, when you’ve done practicing, practice on something else.
Thank you 
Eve Tran

Thank you so much Eve for being involved in our positive nail movement we adore your work and wish you nothing but the very best for the future. If you don’t follow her already guys then you seriously need to her work is so unique and beautiful. Click one of the pink links in this post to be taken directly to her Instagram page xoxo

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