2 timeless, simple, must-have nail techniques

//2 timeless, simple, must-have nail techniques

2 timeless, simple, must-have nail techniques

We want to give you 2 must have nail art trends that will never go out of style, are super versatile and will also be nice and easy to do. This will mean you can do these looks nice and quickly, therefore being able to do more sets in less time! It’s ALWAYS good to have nail designs which mean you can fit more clients in, in the same day! While having them still walk out of your nail studio/salon in total awe of their new nails.


Foil Nails.

The looks you can create with nail foils are endless! You can just tap it on randomly over the nail to create a crackled look, which looks fab with so many colour combinations. You could add it to just a section of the nail, like a french tip or a half moon. You could add multiple foil colours on the same nail design. Or even just cover the whole nail in one colour! They will look like solid shiny loveliness!!

It’s so striking and eye catching you are set to have all your clients loving these looks it’s defo a must to have in stock and is super cost effective to order in aswell! It will adhere to any tacky area left on the nail, so if you’re doing a gel set of nails, once you have cured your desired colour layer, do not wipe the tacky layer off and apply your foil by literally just pressing it onto the nail and peeling it off, before you apply your topcoat and cure! See, simple!

Or  carefully wipe over your plain colour base to remove the tacky layer, and then carefully draw on some different sections of the nail that you want to be ‘foiled’ in gel. (For example a half moon manicure look or some cute triangles at the base of the nail.) Set your design following your manufacturer’s guidelines and then once you remove your set of nails from the lamp the foil will only stick to the tacky bit that you have now created, not the whole base color you’ve previously set! clever huh?!

Lecente do a fabulous selection of foils that we have personally used and are fab. (not to mention their incredible selection of glitters!)  Just look for some online, the colours and designs are just stunning!  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR SITE.

These are by @hausoflacquer

And this set is by the incredible @helennails_yeg make sure you go and check out her page now her work is incredible!

And here are a set of foils by Chan from Clawgasmic using Lecente products and ‘creekside’ by CND shellac.

Another set from us just look at that shine! This gold foil is ‘Bright gold nail foil’ by Lecente

Studs and stones.

You can set them into almost anything, we use gel mainly and find it holds them in really well! But you can also set them into acrylic which works just as well. With studs and stones you are sure to bling up any nail look! Totally fabulous for special occasions or just for that client that loves a bit of sparkle.

You can find stones and studs almost anywhere online and the designs you can create look amazing. Keep it super simple and chic by just adding a couple at the base of the nail. (Sometimes they can last longer if they are applied to the base of the nail by the cuticle as they are less likely to get caught on things during day to day activities, (for example if you have a client who works in an office and types for a living sometimes it’s better to attach gems and studs away from the free edge.)

Or if you have and adventurous clients then adding diamontes, gems and studs becomes really fun as you can create solid blinged up feature nails that will have you client hypnotised until you see her again!

So here’s another nail art technique that won’t disappoint! Go and order some foils and gems today and have the most sparkly delivery you’ve ever seen!

Here are some nail tech’s who create a fabulous set of diamante nails!



The 4 fabulous nail tech’s we’ve featured in this post are defo worth a follow ladies click directly on their names and we’ve added a link to their profiles! We love to share the incredible work we see out their. Possibilities are endless when it comes to nails now and we just love to see the magic you guys create! Stay tuned for our next top 2 simple looks…


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