Safe Space Recording (17th July 2024)

Safe Space Recording
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    1. @Emily5 and @Louise1 thank you for making us aware of this. I have identified the issue and it is now fixed. Close the app and re-open it if needs be and all should be good 😊

  1. I’m so gutted I missed this Chan. I had a client! I’ve got clients the next 2 Wednesdays too. Holliday nails and bridesmaids and a bridal set. Hope I can get on the live soon. I’m definitely watching all the recorded ones over the next couple of weeks ❤️

    1. Thats ok beauty, I am so pleased you are enjoying these safe space chats. Aw holiday nails and bridesmaid nails are a fab way to spend an evening. Have fun, hopefully see your face soon xxxx

  2. Great to see the ladies again last night and I do apologise about my lack of communication!!! I haven’t been able to see any of the command buttons for a long time due to laptop screen all gone funny at bottom .. thanks to intervention from the other half who had altered something and I still didn’t see it all until the end! Blame my age!! Here’s to party night @Chan … xxx

    1. Aw thats ok Carole. It was so lovely to hear your lovely voice and see your face again. Thank you for tuning in xxx

  3. Just listened. Will definitely join in one day. It’s lovely to hear about all the day to day issues that don’t appear on instagram. Sometimes you do think it’s just you!

  4. Really enjoyed listening to last nights safe space. Have to say the chrome tips have really helped me and I do the top coat, isop wipe then gently buff. On goes the detail paint, chrome, dust off and “Ta Dah”! 💅👏. However I have last week done a few with lighting in room not so good and hadn’t spotted a few bits of chrome which I could have removed before top coating 🙄 but they were not too bad. Lesson learned! Thanks Chan so much as these little tips do help us 💞💞💅xxx

    1. Aw thank you so much for listening back, it is so good to know you still get value from them. xxxx hopefully see you soon xxxx