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  1. Simply amazing Chan! Definitely will give the leaves another go but the marble/pumpkin design was wowo!!! So happy I joined this Network!!!

    1. Jalisa I’m so grateful to have you as part of our Clawgasmic family I’m so pleased you’re enjoying it xxx

  2. Thanks soooo much! Today I really do feel like I am at nail school and I can’t wait to post them on my instagram as well as in here 🤗🤗🤗 great investment added to my nail career.

    1. You’ve made my day reading through your comments. I’m over the moon you like it here and if you ever have any questions at all please just ask xxxxx

  3. Definitely will do! Today as I was going through the tutorials I was thinking about trying magpie and the gel bottle sometime in the future. I will message you sometime to find out your first must haves🤗🤗🤗