• 1 Lesson

    Foil French tip

    French but fancy. In this video, I’ll cover tips on making a foil french tip last, how to create a perfect smile line and how to make sure you don't see any little parts of the foil that doesn't transfer fully.
  • 1 Lesson

    What to do when you’re struggling to get foil to stick?

    Do you have trouble getting foils to stick? Do you stress about using foils on clients in case it doesn't stick? No worries I got you. In this video, I’m going to show you how to correct a foil design if it goes wrong and share some ideas on how we can neaten things up to get a look both you and your client are happy with.
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    Bronze foil nail art

    Another time-effective nail art look with a difference. This design will look incredible with so many types of foils and in so many different colour ways. I hope you enjoy this look. It’s one of my favourites.
  • 1 Lesson

    Green alternative French with foil

    Foils are an incredible way to add something different to a nail art look and it doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can actually be super quick to achieve too which is fab for in a salon.
  • 6 Lessons

    Create Amazing Instagram Videos

    Instagram is going through a major change. If you don't keep up, you'll be left behind, your reach, interactions and followers will start to decline and that could have a major effect on your business.

    But don't worry, Clawgasmic is here to help with our "How to create amazing Instagram videos" course, that is free to all Clawgasmic nail network members.

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    Rainbow waves by Jojo from @meraki_nails_cardiff

    The incredible Joanne from @meraki_nails_cardiff has given us another bang on-trend nail art tutorial. Featuring ombre, statement swirls, and lots of tips. This video is another one you don’t want to miss.

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    3D Chrome French tip

    In this tutorial, I’m going to share with you my product recommendations for a 3D chrome design and exactly how I created this look,

    We’ll also go over how we can make this look last and also how we can have a super smooth finish but still have a 3D element.

  • 1 Lesson

    Neon orange outlined French tip

    This cool design was inspired by @naileditbeauty defo go check out her page if you’ve not already. This look is fun, bright and perfect for spring and summer. I hope you love it as much as I do.

  • 1 Lesson

    Old English font by Sadie

    Sadie - @sadiejnails on Insta, is just incredible if you don’t follow her already then you really must! QUEEN OF THE REELS and just so talented. In this video, she shows us how to do some English font by hand and also gives us tips on creating all the letters so we have a good place to start and some advice on really getting those sharp edges and a crisp, clean finish.

  • 1 Lesson

    Glitter ombré French


    This look is super fun and we cover so much.

    • How to ombré with glitter.
    • How to use loose glitter in a fun way.
    • How to create an alternative manicure.
    • Tips on getting close to the edges, advice on getting a super smooth finish, and more...
  • 1 Lesson

    Sophia Webster inspired French manicure


    I instantly got nail inspo after I saw these…. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a butterfly effect on a tip of a nail and give you ideas on how to adapt this look too.

  • 1 Lesson

    Classic terrazzo tile

    Another way to apply chunky pieces like terrazzo shapes to a nail and keep a super smooth and thin finish once we are finished.

    There is a fine line between making the most of cool chunky pieces in a nail art look and making sure the nail enhancements don’t get too chunky. In this tutorial, I go into encapsulating looks like this and also show a different way of applying pieces like this.

  • 1 Lesson

    How to create a terrazzo French manicure

    Terrazzo nails are always popular every single summer and spring and in these tutorials, I’m going to show you how to create a french manicure with this style while adding some flakes for some sparkle.

  • 1 Lesson

    Pastel terrazzo tiles with gold foil

    Terrazzo but pastel vibes! Take a trend and make it suitable for every season!

    In this tutorial, I’ll show you one way to apply chunky pieces to a nail art design, so even if you don't have terrazzo pieces yet you can use this technique for chunky glitter too.

  • 1 Lesson

    Unicorn skies from @glamourphile

    Sara is just incredible, I love her technique in this video to give you a flawless ombre blend.

  • 1 Lesson

    Clueless vibes


    I used to love Clueless and when creating 90s looks for Allure Magazine I just knew I had to add some clueless vibes in there.

  • 1 Lesson

    90’s Allure look

    When Allure contacted me about creating some looks for them this was the first idea that popped into my mind. I LOVE pink, blue, and yellow together, they give me a real 90s vibe and I think the checkered accents just add a more fashion-forward twist.

  • 1 Lesson

    Tips on creating a super neat classic French manicure

    A simple quick video where I share some of my tips on creating a classic french manicure. Sometimes it’s just nice to see how different people do theirs so here is a tutorial from me xoxo

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    Super quick bridal look

    A great timesaving tutorial for in-salon but still with the WOW factor. Taking the cuff trend but making it bridal!

  • 1 Lesson

    Soft pink bridal marbles

    Soft pink marble nails, perfect for a bride-to-be! This look is neutral and pretty but still a little bit different and editorial.