My Application Technique Using The Magpie Beauty Strengthening System

I have been getting A LOT of questions about brands and their builders and strengthening systems lately SO I wanted to add some tutorials here of some brands that I love and how I apply them. PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMERS!
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  1. What’s the difference between the give me strength and build me up? I have both and can’t seem to make either strong enough? Although I usually only do a very thin gripping layer of get a grip or one of the base coats, so after watching this I’m going to do more build with the base as well…

    1. Hi Tanya, thanks for watching, I hope you are enjoying the videos, so BMU is your classic builder gel in bottle form, it can be used for tips or sculptures (FORMS) too and is super strong, thicker consistency than the GMS. GMS is great for adding strength to a gel manicure, both are soak off but I do find that GMS soaks off a smidge easier. I like using rubber up on clients that need a bit more sticking power (as a base) and I always use a base with their BMU products. hope that helps xxx