How I use full coverage tips

Full-on tips/ full coverage tips have totally changed how I do my extensions. They are so much faster and still super natural looking which I love. In this video, I’ll show you how I use mine and my tips and tricks that you can use regardless of whatever system you use.
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  1. I’m thinking of trying this system as I currently only offer extensions by builder gel and forms and find it quite time consuming. How would these be removed would it be soak off only? 🙂 – Green With Envy Nails xx

        1. Yes 100%, and not a silly question at all my lovely. I always infill mine, mostly 2 times and then I soak off and either re-apply or do an overlay on the natural nails. Only reason I don’t continually infill is because the natural apex in the tip will be too far up the nail by that point, so best to re-place it 🥰❤❤❤

  2. Hi Chan I’ve just brought the full on tips magpie system. Can I ask how you tackle spillage at the tip? When I have done mine it seems to be spilling out over the natural nail at the tip? Thank you! Xx

  3. Hello, does anyone know what the best full on tips are, I’m new to them, and there’s so many brands doing them now, I don’t know which ones to try? Any ideas would be fabulous.
    Thank you
    Adele x

    1. Hey beauty I can speak highly of the magpie beauty ones and I’ve also used the nail order ones and love those. I’ve never used apres but have heard incredible things xxxx