Builder gel application technique

Builder gel! It’s an absolute game-changer and a must-have in your nail kit. Fabolous for a client that wants to grow their own natural nails and great for strengthening longer nails and weaker nails however…
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  1. Great video so helpful, I’ve managed to convert some of my diehard acrylic clients to builder gel on their own nails now which is so much quicker and easier and less smell 👃 lol
    it’s great thanks again 🤩

    1. Aw this is wonderful news I’m so pleased you found it helpful! Oh it’s fab when that happens isn’t it? I used to love doing acrylics but as soon as I found builder gels it was a game changer for sure,you’re so right xxxx ❤

      1. I too love doing acrylics but yes builder gel is a real game changer, I also love your video on full tip builder gel, I can’t wait to try it out, hoping it works for me so I get more time to work on my nail art side, just wondering tho is it as strong as acrylic? Will it be ok for my heavy handed clients? X

        1. Hmm, it’s hard to say as length and how heavy handed people are will play a part, but they are defo very strong. I’d recommend applying a slightly thicker layer of builder gel on top for those clients that maybe need a bit more strength. But on the whole they are really strong 💪🏽I’d just say only infill a couple times
          (3 max) before soaking off an redoing or overlaying, just so the apex in the plastic tip is always in the correct place, that’ll help with the strength 🥰😘

  2. Brilliant, i was hesitant in joining something like this as I’ve been a nail tech for 30+ years and I love it. However have always been scared of nail art as if not done well personally I think looks terrible… but hey I’m up and running thanks to your lovely free Instagram tutorials… so decided to join here too and I can see it was a great decision, this was a particularly helpful tutorial as I am new to the gel world… You are an excellent and thorough teacher I’m looking forward to learning more From you here on this lovely platform ❤️

    1. Hey Tanya, aw I’m so so pleased you’re enjoying it so far. This comment really means a lot to me, thank you ❤❤❤

    1. Yayyy this honestly makes me sooooo happy! I’m so pleased you’ve found it helpful babe 🥰❤ more foundation videos to come! Xxx

  3. So very helpful! Thank you so much Chan! I had someone use a small flashlight curing light to flash cure each nail as she was working. I believe she would do like a 10 second flash cure after each nail and then afterwards all 5 for the full curing time. Does this sound legitimate? I feel like this would be helpful in being more efficient!

    1. Hi lovely, yes I think this totally is a good idea, I’d probably recommend flash curing for a teeny bit longer though… like 20-30 seconds just as its a thicker product that like an art gel and then yes just make sure you are always full curing after. This is a great technique for when you are first starting out until you get your speed up a bit xxx (I have to stress though, we must remember to full cure as uncured gel can cause allergies )