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If you want:

  • To become great at nail art

  • To be more confident in your skills

  • To be the go-to nail technician in your town

  • To learn pro-level nail tech tips and tricks

  • Stay up to date with the latest nail art trends

  • Make more money from your newfound skills

  • Learn new nail art looks every week

  • To learn from a professional with 18 years of experience

  • To learn the top techniques used at London fashion week

  • Reviews of the latest industry products so you can make better buying decisions
  • Unbiased advice on what products to use

  • Discounts on the products you are already buying

  • To be kept up to date on what is happening in the nail industry

  • To learn the secret techniques of some of social media’s biggest nail tech influencers

  • A safe space to get your questions answered

  • To learn foundational techniques so your work looks better and lasts longer creating happier more loyal customers

  • Be kept up to date with the best nail art products on the market

Then pay very close attention to this page. 

Here’s why.

You’re about to discover how to create hundreds of world-class nail art designs that your clients will love, show off to friends & family, and post all over social media.

My name’s Chantelle and I’m a nail tech just like you.

I‘ve always loved nail art but would dread the feeling when a client came in wanting a design I had no idea how to create. They would show me the picture on their phone, my heart would sink and I would be filled with dread.

I’ve tried all kinds of stuff…

  • Expensive in-person classes – Where you only learn a few designs and then you’re expected to remember everything you did in the hours you were there.

  • YouTube videos – Spending hours searching and never finding what you are really after.

  • Trying to figure it out on your own – You don’t know what you don’t know and have no one to answer your questions.

  • Overpriced online courses – You get a limited number of outdated looks that your clients no longer want because trends change.

  • Other memberships – Their main focus is for you to use a specific brand or system rather than teaching you techniques, skills, and designs that will work with whatever gel system you’re already comfortable with.

And after all that, all I did was waste a ton of money and time. I didn’t feel any more confident in my nail art skills or get new clients because of it. It was a massive disappointment.

There had to be a better way…

YouTube videos didn’t break the steps down into enough manageable stages or were too long and confusing. The expensive in-person classes only showed a few designs that were soon out of date and I had to memorise them because I had no recording to re-watch.

At the time there was no better way! I had to spend 18 years painstakingly building my skills and slowly improving my techniques.

There was a big problem facing all nail techs worldwide and I wanted to be the solution.

After spending years honing my skills and sharing my looks online many other techs would reach out to me for advice.

I started to offer one-off follow-along online classes. Techs from all over the world joined and loved them. They would do the looks on their clients and the response was amazing. Their clients loved their nails and would rave about them to all their friends and post them everywhere online.

But there was a problem they wanted more looks and continual advice. Plus if a tech couldn’t make the live class because of time difference or work schedule they missed out on those classes completely.

So my husband and business partner Jouvan said:

“What if you record the classes in a simple step-by-step manner that anyone can follow, no matter their level as a nail tech, and give them access to a television-style network?

An on-demand network where they can watch all your tutorials on an ongoing basis as many times as they want, stay up to date with the latest trends, and have access to you directly to answer all of their questions?”

Well, that sounded like the dream solution and exactly what I would have wanted when starting out.

That’s all he needed to hear and he went away to build a solution from scratch.

So if you’d like to finally learn how to create hundreds of world-class nail art designs your clients will love, show off to friends & family, and post all over social media, I think you’ll absolutely love…

The Clawgasmic Nail Network.

Take a look at some of our latest tutorials.

Here’s exactly what you’re going to get:

  • You’ll have instant access to enough tutorials to create a new look every single day for a full year so you never lack ideas and designs to do on your clients.

  • New tutorials are added every single week so you always have something fresh to create in salon.

  • Foundational courses so your work last longer, keeping clients happy, loyal to you, and removing the headache of them coming back because your work is lifting.

  • You get a mobile app version of our network so you can watch any of our lessons on the go, in the salon before a client arrives, and be ready to blow their minds with the latest looks.

  • Short straight to the point tutorials so you’re not wasting hours learning one design when you could be getting paid for doing that design on a client.

  • Direct access to me an 18-year nail tech veteran specialising in nail art so you can have any questions answered and problems you may be facing solved in record time.

  • 24-hour access on any device so if you can’t sleep you can improve your knowledge and skill while you’re in bed, on holiday, or out and about.
  • Exclusive brand discounts so you save money on the products you’re already buying.

  • Social media advice so you can attract more clients from the amazing new skills you will have learned.

  • You may have many frustrations like, gel polish chipping, client’s not turning up, not believing in yourself, clients wanting free nail art, etc. We answer all those and more in our Nails Tech Frustration talks.

  • Live workshop recordings, so if you’re feeling to follow along with me in real time you can do so and see every step I take.

  • You’ll be kept up to date on the latest trends so you’re always ahead of what’s new in the world of nail art and can continually surprise your clients with the latest looks.

  • You’ll hear about the latest products before anyone else and whether you should get them or not.

  • We are not affiliated with any one brand so we will not be pushing you to buy a gel system just because we get a commission. You will get unbiased advice and recommendations. You can continue with the system you are already comfortable with.

How it works…

Our private members-only on-demand nail art network is broken down into different searchable categories.

  • Nail tech frustrations where you get all your most frustrating and annoying nail tech questions and problems answered.

  • Quick hacks so you learn all the tips tricks and hacks I’ve learned or developed through my 18 years as a nail tech to speed up my work and make my life easier day to day.

  • Prep, where you get all my insider techniques to do the perfect prep, work.

  • Tools so you learn exactly how I do Infills with an e-file, infill with a hand file, my unique builder gel application and so much more.

  • Workshops where you can follow along with me and see exactly how I do everything for a full hour at a time.

  • If you like a French tip? You can search our library of over 80 different French manicures your clients will go wild for.

  • Feeling to do a Chrome look on your next client? Well, we have over 80 (and growing) tutorials that feature a chrome design so you never run out of options.

  • Themed designs so if you need a Christmas look, Valentine’s look, wedding nails, animal print, floral, and so much more, we have you covered.

  • Have a client running late but they still want nail art? We have our quick salon designs that will give an amazing look in the shortest amount of time.

  • And so so much more inside.

There is nothing else quite like this for nail techs worldwide.

Anything close sells for at least £399 and that’s just for 8 outdated designs.

With the Clawgasmic Nail Network, you get well over 500 designs that continually grow every single week.

With that said, this could easily be worth at least £399 per month because you get 8 – 12 on-trend tutorials added every single month. With an upfront fee of well into the thousands if you include the back catalogue of 500+ tutorials.

And don’t forget, if your new skills were to equate to just an extra £5-£10 per client just imagine how much that would be worth to you per day, over the course of a year.

But you can…

Join The Clawgasmic Nail Network TODAY…

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And so much more…

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And it gets better because when you join today, you also get our How To Create Amazing Instagram Videos course.

Where you’ll learn:

  • How to easily stand out from the crowd so you get noticed by potential clients, the algorithm, and other nail techs.

  • How to create stunning yet simple Instagram videos so your work is always in the spotlight.

  • How to grow your Instagram audience so you are continually increasing your client base as a result.

  • Struggle to create Instagram Reels with clients inside the salon? I show you how, so you effortlessly and cheaply record with a client and have them feel part of the process, inspiring them to share your work on social media.

  • Short on time? Our quick video hacks will be a lifesaver to keep you consistent.

  • We even share exactly how we created an Instagram Reel that generated almost 350,000 views.

  • All these tips and tricks can also be used on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube Shorts so you can show off your work and attract new clients on every platform.

This one bonus is easily worth £297 but you can have it 100% FREE when you act now.

And of course, you’re protected by our satisfaction guarantee. We’re confident you will love everything about the Clawgasmic Nail Nail Network but if for any reason you don’t, you can cancel at any time.

No questions asked. You are not tied into any long-term contracts.

Act now because we could raise the price at any time. At as little as £0.53p a day we know we are very underpriced and will be increasing the price soon. But if you join right now, you will always have the lowest price and it will NEVER increase for you as long as you have an active membership.

So join now by selecting one of the options on this page.

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But remember, if you don’t join today when you come back the price may have increased. So don’t delay. And like I said, you’re fully protected by our no questions asked satisfaction guarantee, where you are entitled to a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

So go ahead and join the Clawgasmic Nail Network by selecting one of the options in the pricing table above and I will see you on the inside.


Clawgasmic Co-founder

PS – If you want to learn how to create hundreds of world-class nail art designs your clients will love, show off to friends & family, and post all over social media! Resulting in more bookings, increased confidence, and a bigger bank balance. All without wasting hours of your time or throwing money down the drain on overpriced courses.

Then you’ll absolutely love the Clawgasmic Nail Network.

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