Set up your salon and save money!

I'm going to do a series of blog posts regarding salon set up.... In this first one I am going to share with you a few ideas that I had that saved me money and still gave my nail studio the look I wanted, so hopefully they can help you too... When I first started [...]

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Malishka Nails

I had seen the account 'malishka702_nails' years ago on Instagram... I just loved how this salon consistsĀ of so many talented nail techs who all have skills in various areas. From super detailed intricate art, to perfectly shaped, flawless, nude sets, the technicians in this salon can do it all! I couldn't wait to ask Ana [...]

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Bitchie Nails

Before I started Clawgasmic with my partner Jouvan, I had already loved seeing work from 'bitchie nails' on instagram! Shortly after I watched one of her lives and totally fell for her honest and to the point personality, not to mention her incredible nail work. I found myself giggling away with her, she is funny, [...]

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Diana from @RiceKittyNails

I first came cross Diana from @ricekittynails on instagram, when I saw this picture above! I just loved her cute, girlie designs. Her work is always feminine, pretty and bright, and she really brings fun into her designs! As soon as i checked out her page and saw how many incredible handpainted designs she has [...]

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2 timeless, simple, must-have nail techniques

We want to give you 2 must have nail art trends that will never go out of style, are super versatile and will also be nice and easy to do. This will mean you can do these looks nice and quickly, therefore being able to do more sets in less time! It's ALWAYS good to [...]

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Nail champion Eve_Tran

This ladies work is unbelievably stunning. I would describe her designs as detailed, elegant, classy and precise! I first came across her work when I stumbled across this look above! I was just really impressed with the detailing on these and how she manages to create such an intricate and detailed look while still keeping [...]

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Sharon from @esspnails

Our next interview is from one fifth of an incredible team of girls from Canada. We have already featured the fabolous @helennails_yeg and here is one from another one of the talented ladies that she works with the incredible @esspnails. I adore all these ladies work and I'm sure you will too... (click the pink [...]

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Are my prices too high?

So I did a live video on our instagramĀ a few weeks ago to address this issue that I think all us self employed nail technicians have asked ourselves before... It's such a tough one, as sometimes it seems that everyone wants to give you their opinion of how you should run things or what you [...]

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Vio from @popcoat

When I first came across this ladies work I was just so blown away! She manages to perfectly re-create characters in her manicures in such a creative way! I have always loved hand painted nail art as it really does give nail artists a chance to showcase their skills, and in my opinion she is [...]

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Love bling? check out Glamour Chic Beauty!

If bling is your thing then this is definitely an account for you to check out! Bree is the talented lady behind the instagram page @glamour_chic_beauty. Her page is super pretty and so is her work! Please read on to find out more about the lady behind these super sparkly looks. How long have you [...]

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