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Before I started Clawgasmic with my partner Jouvan, I had already loved seeing work from ‘bitchie nails’ on instagram! Shortly after I watched one of her lives and totally fell for her honest and to the point personality, not to mention her incredible nail work. I found myself giggling away with her, she is funny, sweet and so passionate about nails and what she can bring to help other techs! Here at clawgasmic we are all for that and couldn’t wait to get her involved in our positive nail movement.

How long have you been in the nail industry and where about are you located?
I’ve been doing nails since 1998, I’m from Detroit, lived in Brooklyn from 05′-14′, now located in ATL (11′-current)

What or who made you want to get into the nail industry and how did you start?
Long story, I started fooling around with nails when I was 8. By 14 I was playing in my godmothers acrylic. In 98 my mama kicked me out and I couldn’t keep a job, so daddy got tired of sending me money I couldn’t keep a job so he suggested enrolling in a nail program, so I applied to Aveda, got in, long as I promised to finish he’d pay for it so I dropped out my first year of college 2nd semester and POOF I was in a classroom at Aveda.

Where or how did you learn to do nails?
Self taught and Aveda taught me. I always stayed in the know with using different products, learning new techniques, and practicing. Without practice you will never progress. I’m always ready to learn new things.

What treatments do you offer?
Hot oil with sugar scrub. Hot oil moisturizes the cuticles. It’s great for those who wash their hands constantly or or uses the hell out of sanitizer which has so much alcohol in it, that it dries the hands and cuticles. If not properly moisturized you cuticles can dry out and crack.

What are your favorite treatments and nail art techniques to do and why?

I love sugar scrubs, and oils. I’m a moisture freak, In this field we do get clients that use a lot of sanitizers that are drying to the hands. I’m a bling and anything gaudy artist. I love line artists.

What advice would you give to any start up nail technicians?
Try new products, you won’t know what you really like. Just because one uses this doesn’t always mean you should use this too! It’s what works for you. Not what works for the next person. Take classes. YouTube will not always cut it. Go to trade shows. And practice. It won’t come overnight, but remember it’s your groove your thing. Make it your own, ideas and inspiration are just that, but take what you learn and make it your own. Don’t invest a whole lot of money in trend products.

Who are your biggest nail inspirations and why?
Honey Nailz, Miami Ashley, Britney Tokyo, And myself. I love gaudy nails.

Brittney Tokyo always thinks outside the box. I love an artist that can do mixed media.

Ash she does neat ass nails.

Honey is a legend in the print work. She has done nails for many fashion spreads and she’s just over all day.

Do you have a favorite set of nails you’ve created?

All my work is my favorite. I love to create. I like weird things. I always have as a child. I like to work with color and different mixed media techniques.

What is your favorite thing about being a nail tech?
My ability to create art and meet people

What products or brands do you use and which ones would you recommend?

Gel Polishes (color club, presto, and shellac). Color club is really nice. Their polishes and gel polishes go on super smooth. Swarovski. I love crystals. Glimmer, shimmer, and sparkle. I like CND solar spray. It conditions the cuticles and aids in drying nail polish.

What is your favorite nail shape and why?

I like slim square and almond. I think it’s classic and classy. To be honest I just love nails. I love all the shapes but I think slimmie square and almond nails stand out more as well as I like blinging them out or going ham on the nail art on them

If you had to pick one nail color to wear for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Pink. I’ve always loved pink. And every shade of pink.

What are your goals for the future?

I want to be a salon owner again. There are a lot of ventures that I’m looking at but I’m kinda shhhhhhhhhh so I don’t jinx it.

What is you biggest accomplishment so far in your nail career?

I’ve made it 19 years in this business,

15. What is your top application tip?

PREPPING!! Without decent prep the nails won’t last.

You have been mentioned as a inspiration since we have started our clawgasmic blog! How does that make you feel?

Great. I love when my work is recognized. I may not be up there with some of the nail artist that are out there. But I have almost 20 years in this business. To be recognized by one of the dopest nail blogs out there, that’s major, and it keeps the little 8 year old girl proud that I chose a career that makes me happy.

Thank you so much for being involved in our positive nail movement, we love your vibe and passion for the industry and we wish you nothing but the best for the future, If you dont follow this lovely lady already guys then you really need to. She hard working, super dedicated to what she does and she also sells incredible DVD to help you learn her tips of the trade so defo check her out! @bitchienails

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