Copy The Same Techniques Used By The Likes Of Apple, Mercedes And Amazon To Explode Your Nail Business

Imagine this…

What if you had so many people begging to be your client that you could pick and choose who you want to work with?

What if you had more quality clients that appreciate your work and are happy to pay whatever you charge?

What if by following a few simple steps you could have a constant stream of new clients booking in, turning up and becoming regulars that re-book every time?

Sound a bit far fetched?

I know how you feel, we felt the same way until we put to work the exact formula I’m about to share with you today.

But before I do that... 

Let Me Tell You a Quick Story

Hi I’m Jouvan aka the “Clawgasmic Husband”. It was only a few short years ago that my partner in life and co-founder of Clawgasmic Chantelle was about to step out on her journey to start her own nail studio.

It was something she had never done before and found it to be a daunting task.

There were so many questions running through her head

“How will I get clients?”

“Why will people come to me when they can go to the cheap shops?”

“There is so much competition in my town how will I stand out?”

“I use quality products so I have to charge more, will people be willing to pay?”

And so on…

I know Chan’s amazing at what she does so if we could figure out a way to get people to give her a try they would love the work she does and would definitely come back.

But with so much competition from established salons and cheap nail bars surrounding her what was she meant to do…

That was when I decided to step in and see if I could help.

Even though I can’t neatly paint a nail bed to save my life I understood marketing and was confident I could help her fill her client book.

So I went on a mission to first study some of the biggest brands in the world like Amazon, Apple, Google and Mercedes.

Then I went on to study some of the most popular nail studios, beauty salons and individual nail artists in the world.

And before long a clear pattern emerged.

The most well known nail salons or individuals in a town had a few key things in common with the biggest brands in the world.

When I made that discovery it was time to put my findings to the test on Chan’s business.

We couldn’t believe the results we started getting.

Just by doing things a certain way and having a few key components in place we steadily saw Chan’s client base growing and growing each and every month.

Before long we had to actually stop promoting the business because she couldn’t physically handle any more clients.

She came home one evening and said;

“Jouvan you need to stop what you’re doing I cannot take on any more clients I’m fully booked for months”

It was a great problem to have.

Chantelle now had a choice to make. She could either turn back on the Client Getting Formula I had put in place and start hiring nail technicians to work for her to fill the demand.

Or she could stick to working with the clients she already loves doing, that are willing to pay whatever she charges and will always re-book every time.

She went with the latter and makes a great living doing so.

She now has a huge waiting list of people eager to be her client, some have even offered to pay double what she charges.

So if a client cancels last minute or a regular moves away to a different country she knows she can fill that spot instantly with no stress.

Also if a client is rude, regularly late or is just a pain to work with that client can be fired and someone else is waiting and eager to take their spot.

Now as I said earlier Chan’ is a great beauty therapist and nail technician and that’s a major reason why people keep coming back and spreading the word about her nail studio

But it was the Client Getting Formula that we put in place that first got people noticing her and giving her a try even though there was so much competition in the town including much cheaper nail shops.

So let me share with you 3 steps you could take today to start improving your chances of getting more clients booking in.

Step 1: Audience Identification

Audience identification is all about really knowing your ideal customer.

That means identifying the persona and demographic of the person that is most likely to cause you the least amount of headache while also having the means to pay your rates.

Right now you may be thinking that you just want anyone and everyone as long as they want their nails done but that thinking is the quickest way to failure.

By doing that you will blend in with every other nail salon or studio in your town.

You need to think and act differently to really stand out.

If you’ve found that women in middle management aged 35 - 55 represent your best clients.

Meaning they turn up on time, have the means to pay, regularly re-book and cause you the least amount of stress then wouldn’t it be best to get as many women that fit that criteria as possible?


So in every promotion you run it needs to talk directly to that person.

You may find that your ideal customer is young professionals aged 21 - 35 that love to show off their nails on Instagram and other social networks.

Not everyone’s ideal customer is the same you need to identify yours and make sure you are attracting them the most.

Yes you will get customers that don’t fit your ideal customer profile but that is just a bonus to your business.

Just like Louis Vuitton and Gucci don’t try to advertise to everyone, they know who their ideal customer is and make sure to speak to them but other people see it, love it and do whatever they can to get Louis V and Gucci products too.

Step 2: Identify Your Super Power

What is your superpower?

We all have strengths and your strength can be your superpower. If you look at some of the best nail artists in the world they have a very distinct style.

If you see their work on Instagram you can usually tell it was them that did.

You need to identify what it is you do best and highlight that to your ideal client. That doesn’t mean you cannot do other things it just means that you promote what you do the best the most.

It’s all about being a specialist.

Specialisation beats generalisation any day. Yes other salons may do nails but you could be the nail art specialist or French manicure specialist, maybe your pedicures are to die for.

Whatever it is you need to identify your super power and make sure your ideal clients in your town know about it.

Yes you may have other treatments but your superpower will make you stand out from the competition, grab people’s attention and get customers through the door.

Then you can let them know about your other services.

Take this scenario for instance. If you have a brain injury you could go to a doctor to get it looked at and they may be able to help you but if you have the choice would you go to a general doctor or a brain surgeon?

You would go to the brain surgeon and that is exactly what I want you to be in your town.

The absolute go to person for your superpower. 

Chan’s super power is nail art, yes other salons in our town do nail art but Chan was the only one really owning that space. 

When new clients came to her for nail art they noticed that she also does waxing and eyelash extensions so many decided to book in for those treatments too.

Identify your superpower and be the person that specialises in that in your town.

Step 3: Billion Dollar Branding

Whether you’re renting a chair in a salon, doing treatments mobile, rent a room for yourself or own a salon with multiple technicians you need your own billion dollar brand.

And the best part is that it’s not going to cost you a $Billion to create one.

When you see the Nike logo, Amazon Logo or the Apple logo you recognise the business straight away.

But branding is so much more than just a logo.

It’s what those logo’s and companies represent. Quality, trust, innovation, speed, cheap, expensive etc

You need to have a logo and brand for your business, even if the business is just you.

So now that you know 3 steps you can take right now to drastically stand out from the competition in your town.

I want to show you step by step exactly how to implement it for your business.

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