Hi welcome to Clawgasmic I’m Chan,

A nail obsessed, mini sized, girlie girl with a passion for fashion forward nail art and all things ‘nail’ orientated. I’ve been in the beauty industry for 11 years and owned my own nail studio for 4.




I absolutely love what I do and feel honoured to be able to get up and do what I love everyday, with truly some of the nicest people as clients and friends.

During my time as a nail tech I’ve worked in a nail bar franchise, in a full beauty salon in my home town, (where I soon realised that nails was my passion, I really enjoyed my time there, but always felt the most at home when at the nail station rather than massaging.) I was part of an incredible team of ladies for 6 seasons at London Fashion week, and then shortly after my first season there I opened up my own nail studio where I live.

I really enjoy working for myself, but miss the girl banter and true friendships you form when working in a team. My partner in crime Mr Jouvan Johnson is a online marketing whizz and I truly admired how in his industry everyone really helps encouraged and motivated each other online….

That’s how Clawgasmic was formed, we have gone into business together. Him taking care of the marketing and technical side, being the business guru that he is, and me being the nail obsessed super-fan, connecting with you all, creating my own nail work and sharing some of the amazing sets we see online! We want to re-create what people have in his industry. With so many crazy talented nail technicians out there we want to unite us all!

Share ideas, inspire each other, learn from each other, stay on top of the latest trends, help your businesses grow and so much more. So that’s the goal. I want to track down the best of the best, get interviews with you artists, put out content that can help newbies and salons alike  to help push a massively positive nail movement online. We all know how hard it can be at times so let’s support each other.

Remember to check out gorgeous merch 😉 we are super excited to share them with you!

So please jump on board and join the journey. I cant wait to learn from you guys you’ve already inspired me so much already.

Chan -x-